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Website Launched

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Welcome to Critica!


Critica is a Dallas, Texas based Tattoo Studio. After a lot of work behind the scenes, we are finally launching our website and we do feel very excited!

We will be posting a lot of interesting info about tattoos, tattoo designs which can be seen on our portfolio, and feature various tattoo artists in collaboration with our partners.

Stay tuned!

Other Artists and Shops Throughout Texas

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We understand that you can’t be in Dallas all the time, so if you are somewhere in the vicinity or the somewhere else in Texas, here are lists of tattoo artists which are partnered with us through TattooConnection. All of them posses incredible talent which will result in an incredible tattoo experience for you. The designs they have made so far left us with our jaws open – these shops are like 5 star hotels. In addition you will get to met new like-minded people from the industry. Oh, did we mention industry… well these ones are industry’s creme da la creme, the best tattoo artists from the state of Texas.

Their portfolio

1. This raging tiger was done in Plano tattoo.

2. A reddish female skull from an Irving tattoo artist.

3. Texan goat skull with the lone star flag done by Socorro tattoo shop.

4. Celtic border ornaments and tree inked in Laredo.

5. Horned Bull Trophey created in Round Rock Tattoo.

6. This is the artist known as Star, tattoing in Lubbock.

7. Again, a tatt of the Texas Lone Star Flag & Map, made in Cedar Park Ink
Texas Lone Star Flag Tattoo

8. There isn’t only a one park city in TX, so you can also get tattoed in Deer Park, besides Cedar.

9. This is created in Austin, incredible tattoo resembling a female face on an entire back!

10. A pregnant woman, tattoed in Cleburne. What a sight!

11. Pflugerville is no exception when it comes to a good piece of INK. Black and white maori on a shoulder/hand.

12. And here comes the Burleson Ink Parlor

Thanks for taking your time to review this beautiful pieces of ink!