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The Future of Vanilla Legacy WoW: Nostalrius, Elysium & Crestfall

There is an on-going debate regarding the future of Legacy WoW servers, the original Vanilla Classic 1.12 version of the game in particular.

Vanilla Legacy WoW servers have been in existence since 2011, namely the VanillaGaming server, Feenix’s Warsong & Emerald Dream and The Rebirth WoW (which was closed today).

Nostalrius Begins was released in February 2015 which made a realm boom on the Vanilla WoW scene. Kronos was released one month after Nostalrius, but it couldn’t catch up with the popularity of it’s counterpart.

There were approximately 800000 registered accounts before the thriving Nostalrius was shut down by Blizzard in April, a year later, starting a real outrage among the Classic WoW player base. Some of the population disappeared, while some moved to Kronos and it’s new Kronos 2 realm.

Things almost came to conclusion when the team behind Nostalrius announced that it will be handling it’s database to Valkyrie – a Russian private server who¬†allegedly had the same core values. Valkyrie initially released Elysium, a Vanilla server in the summer, and with their Nostalrius partnership, hoped to re-establish the closed servers with their brand new Elysium.

The dream almost came true, only to be torn apart a month later with the apparent Elysium gold drama coming from it’s highest ranking Game Masters and some gold selling websites from China. A big chunk of the population fled again, some coming back to the now merged Kronos 1 and Kronos 2.

However, all hope is not lost – Crestfall WoW, a former partner of the Legacy Gaming Network, dissociated all ties with Elysium after the drama outbreak, and is steadily preparing a launch of it’s Kirin Tor and Kul Tiras realms which are in closed beta testing.

Will Crestfall be able to finally replace Nostalrius and Elysium as the main, uncorrupted Legacy Vanilla Server? Only time will tell.

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