Warmane Outland Gold Review

We are huge fans of older games, especially when it comes to Legacy World of Warcraft servers. However, Blizzard does not support older versions on their official US/EU servers, so we, like the most of the legacy fans, turn to Private Servers like Warmane WoW to experience the older versions of the game.

Even though we reviewed Vanilla WoW under Elysium here, this time we are turning on the first expansion of WoW – the popular Burning Crusade released back in 2007. There are no shortages of realms for TBC: Archangel, Excalibur, Hellground, Wargate, Vengeance, Hellfire… you have plethora to pick from, but the latest news are coming from Warmane: month ago, they released Outland TBC and Medivh one week later. Both Azeroth’s and Draenor’s zones are swamped with players, Outland has some 13000 players active during peak times, whereas the number on Medivh is around 4500 players – Medivh has x1 rates though.

It seems like all TBC lovers are on those two realms these days, so we bought the idea. We created our characters on Outland, but we had a hard time to keep up with the training costs for spells and abilities. Soon we realized the dreaded problem – gold is in shortage, so we had to turn to private gold sellers. You can find a wide range of them actually, some sell on forums, chinese farmers are there as usual, and there were some professional sites that quickly catched the attention. These go by the names of Gold4Outland, Gold4Icecrown and Gold4Lordaeron – there were some additional called like MMO Lord or something, but they seemed like cheap copy-variants of the same. We checked Youtube as well and found this ad:

So our final decision fell to buy some Warmane Outland TBC gold from Because we are 5 teammates, we purchased the largest 3000g package to split the gold between us. 15 minutes after our purchase, we had the gold in our mailbox with some small bonus added as well to wish us welcome. 10 days after, we realized that there weren’t any issues with them – we were afraid to buy some of the cheaper gold elsewhere due to risk of bans, the least we would like to see is our characters gone because someone was looking to make a quick buck from us. Our satisfaction with the services led us to purchase some accounts and powerleveling for our team, which were all together provided without an issue as well.

Medivh Warmane TBC x1 blizzlike realm -

Medivh, The Blizzlike TBC x1 Server

Later on, we started getting more curious about Medivh. It had 1/3 of Outland’s population, but the x1 rates were tempting to us. Same route as the previous realm, however things were even harder here. Luckily, we found the very same services sites being connected with some gaming network, and they had an additional site for this server as well, called: Warmane Medivh Gold. Well… this leveling and gold services really made our gameplay more enjoyable. If you are curious about using the same services, just contact us and we will get you in touch with the guys.

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